Our Purpose

If you believe you are disabled, you do not have to pursue disability benefits on your own. Our capable, experienced representatives can assist you in dealing with the complex Social Security regulations. Suffering a loss of dignity is one of the major complaints that we hear from our clients who have attempted to obtain disability benefits without representation. It is our goal to help you obtain some measure of financial security and to do it with all the compassion and concern that you are entitled to receive.


  • Steady monthly income with annual cost of living increases.
  • Maintain your Social Security benefit at its pre-disability level. Avoid having zero years on your earnings record which causes a decrease in the amount of your Social Security benefit.
  • Your dependents may be eligible for benefits.
  • You will be entitled to receive Medicare.

Benefits of Using SSDLA

You have heard the application process for Social Security disability can be an intimidating and frustrating process. Our representatives are concerned about what happens to you. They do their best to understand your individual disability and to communicate its severity to the Administration.

Services Provided

  • Complete application, appeal, and other Social Security forms with your input.
  • Interact with Social Security as your representative. Reduce the amount of your contact with Social Security.
  • Obtain relevant medical records to develop your case.
  • Provide one of our attorneys to attend your administrative hearing with you.
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