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SSDLA - Social Security Disability Legal Advocates

We provide free screening of all cases and situations. We will provide a realistic assessment about the feasibility of a Social Security claim for you.

If you believe that you are disabled, you do not have to pursue Social Security disability benefits by yourself. Our firm is dedicated to providing you with capable, experienced representation to assist you in dealing with complex Social Security regulations.

You have worked hard and paid into the Social Security system. Now you find yourself unable to work. Our firm can help you obtain disability benefits.

We understand matters regarding Social Security disability benefits are often traumatic and emotionally trying. When you couple those emotions with the process of filing for Social Security disability benefits people often find themselves frustrated and overwhelmed. SSDLA is here to help you through this difficult time and process with our group of compassionate and professional Social Security disability experts. Our representatives pay close attention to each individual's needs and communicate the severity of their impairments to the Administration by applying the applicable rules of administrative law.

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